Daily Tarot Reading – 7/12/2020

From the “Miracles Now” app by Gabrielle Bernstein

Good morning Blessed Manifestation family! Did you know that Money is all about vibrations? The more aligned you are with the vibration of Abundance, the more money and opportunities you will receive. It takes a simple mindset shift to get you from lack to plenty in no time. If you can be grateful for and recognize all of the blessings currently in your life, it opens the door to Prosperity. If you can give thanks in advance for receiving what you want, you get on path towards successful manifestation.

But many miss out on this one important step, and no matter how much you shift your mindset, if you don’t do this, you won’t “get it”. You stay stuck in lack. It’s not enough to just think differently, you also have to act differently. You have to continue to act as if. Act as if you are already rich and worthy. Hold yourself in high esteem and high value, just like you do with money. Money does not change a person. Money does not define a person. It is an energy and a tool.

I hear many tell me they want a better job, but never apply to a better job. Or they want a better relationship but remain in a toxic one. All you’re doing is sending the Universe the vibration that you like your current circumstances. So the Universe gives you more of what you have, because you don’t value yourself enough to make moves; to make the necessary changes. You don’t need to worship money; money should be worshiping you. You are its Creator. You are its Supervisor. You tell it what it needs to do, or how far it needs to go. Begin putting yourself on a pedestal, and money (and people, circumstances, etc) will respond to that. So if you want more money, more resources, more support, more opportunities, more abundance, change your thoughts and change your life. Think it and then Be it.

Another message regarding your money; choose wisely how you spend it. Allow yourself to enjoy money but remember that it cannot give you the fulfillment you seek; that is not its job. So reconsider before making another mindless, purposeless purchase. Be a conscious consumer and buy from small, sustainable businesses. Buy from or invest in businesses which are making a difference in our communities. Be charitable when you can. Charity is not just about money, but if you have the funds to give, tithing is a wonderful way to remain in alignment with Abundance.

Have a blessed day all, and don’t forget to share this message with your networks!

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