Daily Tarot Reading – 7/26/2020

From “The Whimsical Tarot” deck

Good morning Blessed Manifestation family! I hope you took some time this weekend for much needed rest and relaxation, and if you haven’t, please do so ASAP!

You are mentally drained and if it hasn’t already happened, this strain could negatively impact your finances, specifically with your career (whether as an employee or a student). Could also be that you are working somewhere that is highly stressful and not necessarily fulfilling.

I asked you to take some quiet time to yourself to assess what it is you actually want, and need. Check out yesterday’s reading for further insight, to help you today if you have not taken a break. The self-assessment is not about figuring it all out; it’s about becoming clear on what is important to you here and now.

Now is the time to set clear boundaries, whether with your career work, school work, or the work in your home life. Setting boundaries can be a challenge when you need to set them with loved ones, or people who you see as authority figures (such as a boss), but they are necessary. Do not allow your energy reserves to be drained down to nothing. Fatigue is no joke, and maybe you can keep going with bodily fatigue but mental fatigue is a whole other matter. What you create in your mind manifests in your reality, so if stress is all you think about, stress is all you will experience. This is why checking in with your mental health, and making it a priority is so important.

Resting will allow your mind to have an easier time of unraveling the knots and figuring out those pesky problems you’ve have a hard time solving. After rest your ideas will come in clearer and you’ll gain further insight into your present circumstances.

Some of you are not stressed by your work, but you find it boring. It is not mentally challenging or stimulating enough. In this case you’ll want to consider pursuing a job that integrates a creative passion of yours. Creativity, passion, and fulfillment are words you’ll want to consider on your job search. Trust me, something is out there for you. If you’re aligned to receive it, information on that “dream job” will be on the way shortly. And yes, you can get a job which pays well and is fulfilling; this is the opportune time to receive it.

Have a blessed day all, and if you connected with this reading please follow me on Instagram @BlessedManifestation or like my page on Facebook; your support is much appreciated. Thank you!

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