Daily Tarot Reading – 8/2/2020

“Keepers of Light” oracle cards deck by Kyle Gray

Good morning Blessed Manifestation family! I’ve been receiving a lot of messages about Ancient Egypt. As we get closer to the upcoming Full Moon in Aquarius we are unlocking ancient knowledge from our subconscious. The Aquarian energy is about a collective knowing and experience; many of us are being spiritually activated over the coming days.

Our Ascension as a species has been coming in waves, and in larger doses beginning this year. We are collectively shedding what is no longer serving us as a global community, in our personal lives, or on this planet. Ascension is about transcending the human experience; the reality we think we know, to tap in to the Divine experience. Ascension is to Spirit what Evolution is to the body. As Above so Below. As more of us tap in to our Higher Selves, our collective reality shifts. Some of you might know exactly what I’m talking about, and for others this might sound too “out there”, but consider the shifts we’ve experienced so far.

You can do more than just “survive” the changes in our collective reality experience; you can actually thrive. Many of us are thriving. First you have to accept that there is more to life than just what you experience on a daily basis; work, routine, distractions. Then you have to begin reading between the lines of your every day experience; look for the signs and messages because they are always available to us. Divine wisdom is always available for us to tap in to. This next suggestion is a little tricky, but keep an open mind. Spirituality can be defined in many ways, and can be practiced in more ways than I can count, but I believe it is necessary to have Faith in something other than yourself; something other than what you can perceive with your physical senses. Religion is a potential outcome of spirituality. Religion is a set of thoughts and practices, and can be spiritual, but you don’t need religion to tap in to Spirit. You do however need to believe.

I don’t think I can (yet) explain spirituality to someone who has never considered it or been surrounded by it, so if that is you, I would say start by looking at the spiritual practices of people you look up to. We’re moving into a more spiritually conscious community, and trust me we need these guides (beings, saints, gods, angels, etc…) for the coming phases.

The first step you can take today is be willing to believe in something bigger than yourself. Be willing to believe that there is something Sacred in yourself and in your experience here. If you’re feeling this message but are unclear about where to begin on your search for spirituality, feel free to message me.


Have a blessed day all, and if you connected with this reading please follow me on Instagram @BlessedManifestation or like my page on Facebook; your support is much appreciated. Thank you!

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