Daily Tarot Reading – 8/14/2020

From the “Soul Wisdom” oracle cards app by Sundara Fawn

“If you feel insignificant, you better think again
Better wake up because you’re part of something way bigger
You’re part of something way bigger
Not just a speck in the universe
Not just some words in a bible verse
You are the living word
Ahh, you’re part of something way bigger…”

– Lyrics from “Bigger” – song by Beyonce

Good morning Blessed Manifestation family! I love this song and it is the perfect choice for today’s reading. Let today be a reminder of your greatness; of your Holiness. The time has come to stop playing small. The time has come to recognize the magical being that you are!

We are more than our bodies. We are more than our circumstances. It’s time to rise up and tap in to the greatest force of all; the power of creation. We draw from it everyday, some more than others. Take a big gulp today because it’s time to create the life of your dreams.

This is truly a time of Blessed Manifestation. The energy of 2020 started out like a farmer clearing her land; the act of clearing is sudden and chaotic. It’s a process of much noise and force. And now that the field has been cleared it’s time to plant the seeds. Plant the seeds of your dreams by setting your intentions. What do you intend to receive and create for the rest of this year? What kind of energy do you want to bring in to 2021? As we get closer to the New Moon, and later Sun in Virgo, we will continue to reap the rewards for our efforts. Not for the “hard work” or labor, but for the willingness to do more. To learn more. To have and be more.

These seeds will be nourished with your Faith.  It’s important to believe in yourself and your dreams. Believe in the Higher Power helping those seeds to grow and flourish. It’s OK if you have moments throughout this miraculous time where you start to backtrack because you’re scared. It’s OK to be scared. It’s OK to feel doubt, or less than confident. It’s all good. Just don’t stay there. Feel the fear but keep going! Keep going regardless of whatever obstacles you decide to throw in your path because yes my dear we are our own biggest obstacles. Just keep going. This time is ripe with possibilities! Tap in to that infinite pool of wisdom and power for nourishment.

I Believe in Me…tell that to yourself whenever you feel your Faith being tested. Believe in yourself because God believes in you.

Have a blessed day all, and if you connected with this reading please follow me on Instagram @BlessedManifestation or like my page on Facebook; your support is much appreciated. Thank you!

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