Daily Tarot Reading – 8/17/2020

From the “Morgan-Greer Tarot” deck

Good morning Blessed Manifestation family! We continue with the theme of Harmony today. Find balance between your heart, mind, and soul. We are heading into a New Moon in Leo asking us to seek new opportunities and alliances, while also creeping into Virgo season, which gives us a more realistic perspective. This time of transition can feel emotionally overwhelming, especially if we forget to work on balancing our thoughts and intentions.

Depending on what your Moon Sign is (you can get a free birth chart on cafeastrology.com among others) the next few days, emotionally, will feel like you’re missing something (unfulfilled) or like you’re not doing enough (harsh self-criticism). Or a combination of both. So if you feel something along those lines, the first thing to try is to perceive your circumstances logically. What is actually happening? What are the facts? What is true for you in the moment?

Whatever your main focus is, you’ll be compelled to do something about it; to take action. So the next step, once you’ve grounded yourself in logic, is to decide what the best action or decision is for you. In order to do this, you’ll need to gather information. Do research. Ask questions. This is all part of the action phase. By finding balance between your thoughts and actions, your emotions will follow suit.

It’s important to remember that all emotions are valuable and they have important insights to share with us. However, emotions are meant to pass through, like flowing water. We’re not meant to stay in one emotional state forever. So if you start to feel low, find value in the message the moment is trying to teach you, and recall that this too shall pass.

As well, this is not the time to forcefully push through or push forward. I can sense that many of you are waiting on important information to make an important decision, or are waiting on news. This information/news is currently tied up. You’ll receive it when the time is aligned. So move forward with planning and research as best as you can, but don’t wait on a resolution today.

Remember that we’re all doing the very best we can, even if you might not feel like you are. We do the best we can with what we’ve been given, and sometimes we have to do the best we can when we are not given what we’ve been wanting.  If nothing else, find gratitude and pleasure in the simplicity of the day. Just being here is enough.

Have a blessed day all, and if you connected with this reading please follow me on Instagram @BlessedManifestation or like my page on Facebook; your support is much appreciated. Thank you!

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