Daily Tarot Reading – 8/18/2020

From the “Wisdom of the Oracle Cards” app by Colette Baron-Reid

Good morning Blessed Manifestation family! Happy New Moon in Leo! Leo teaches us that Abundance is all around us and wants us to enjoy our Divine Inheritance. However, all that glitters isn’t gold. Today’s card speaks to us about recognizing the difference between Abundance and Greed.

We all have been conditioned to consume, whether through food, shopping, experiences, people, etc. The need to fill our cups with outer supplies is what we’ve been taught to do. But our cups can never be filled that way; the thirst can’t ever be quenched this way, hence why we are always want for more.

Nourishment can only come from within; from tapping in to the Source of all creation. If you solely depend on your outer environment and experiences to nourish you, you will be at the whim of illusions. Illusions are like clouds which can disappear at any moment. They have no real substance, and cannot support you. Money is a valuable tool to help us here in the physical world, but it is not all there is. If all you aspire to attain is money, you will be missing out on the fulfilling Abundance that is all around us. Abundance of Love, Health, Joy, and yes even money.

Today you’re being asked to look into why you want the things that you want. What drives you to consume? Are you buying things to fit-in? To stand out? Are you buying things to fill a void? Are you looking to people to give you meaning? Doing this self-reflection is tremendously valuable because if there’s one thing 2020 and this pandemic have taught us is that circumstances can change in an instant. What you thought was solid and valuable can dissolve like it never existed. Many have lost their homes, jobs, family members, and more, and have been tested to really look into what is valuable for them. Allow Leo to show you the Golden Path. It’s important to do this during the New Moon because it opens the doors to new beginnings.

Abundance is always yours and it is with you here and now. Think before you consume today, and give back instead. Give with money, or time, or love. Give, especially when you feel you don’t have enough. Be charitable and watch how the path of Prosperity opens for you.

There are some of you who are *desperate* to have something your way, and for many I see this as a relationship. You’re looking to be in a romantic partnership because you think that being in a relationship gives you meaning. You’ve become accustomed to finding yourself in others. This path will only lead to pain and suffering since you will have fallen in love with an illusion; someone who cannot give you what you need. Don’t fall into that trap you’ve fallen into many times before.

You have more than enough. You are enough. You will always be taken care of; your needs will always be met. Remember this Divine Truth whenever you feel the urge to step outside of yourself for nourishment.

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