Daily Tarot Reading – 8/20/2020

From the “Angel Dreams” oracle cards deck by Doreen Virtue and Melissa Virtue

Good morning Blessed Manifestation family! Are you the Teacher or the Student? Consider today that you might be both, simultaneously. We are always learning and adapting, and then synthesizing that knowledge into experience, which we then share with others.

As a student, what is your learning style? Do you learn more by seeing or doing, or listening? As a teacher, what is your approach to the subject? How do you engage your audience? Consider learning and teaching with an open heart, and open communication. Approach every circumstance open to learning something new, and then mastering the experience.

Some of you may think you’re not teachers, but we all have something of value to teach. Sometimes people teach without knowing it, by the way they are and act around others. Believe it or not people around you are learning from you; you are setting an example to them, for better or worse. I say ‘or worse’ because oftentimes we may not be aware we are also teaching negative behaviors to others. Learn to harness the awareness of when you are learning and when you are teaching.

You are both a student and a teacher of life, but your ultimate teacher is the Divine. Listen with your heart and have open dialogue with them; do not be afraid of your spiritual gifts. Many of you are awakening to gifts you weren’t previously aware of; allow your spiritual family to teach you what to do with them–they are meant to help you with your Life Purpose.

Between now and the Autumn we’ll be learning important lessons; lessons that will serve as a rite of passage. Lessons that will help us grow into the Divine beings we are. As the temperatures cool down, so too will our energy cycles, so soak up as much sun and light as you can now, to harness it for later. There’s also a time coming where we will tap into emotional maturity we probably never thought would be possible. Our emotions will be tempered, and we will be able to feel and communicate with greater clarity.

Have a blessed day all, and if you connected with this reading please follow me on Instagram @BlessedManifestation or like my page on Facebook; your support is much appreciated. Thank you!

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