Daily Tarot Reading – 8/31/2020

From the “Wisdom of the Hidden Realms” oracle card deck by Colette Baron-Reid

Good morning Blessed Manifestation family! Do you want things to go your way, or the best way? The Universe is sending you Divine downloads, signs, and messages, in large quantities, but it looks like you are still missing the point. It looks like you are still refusing to see things in the way they are, not in the way you think they should be.

You are resisting change. Many of us are. We feel so uncertain about these times and what’s to come. We were accustomed to one way of living, and now are entering a “new normal”, but many of you want to go back to how things were. Not because you were happier then or even more fulfilled, but because it’s familiar to you. The old disconnection, illusions, and distractions. They weren’t better for you, but maybe for a moment they made you feel good. That’s all a lie you’ve told yourself to keep things going as they were. You thought they were under your control but have quickly learned they were not. They never were.

The only thing you can control is yourself; your thoughts, reactions. You’ve tricked yourself into believing you had control over your life when you actually didn’t. You had given your power away to other people and circumstances, and are now being asked to reclaim your power. Things will never be “the same”, and that’s a great thing. You are truly heading towards miracles, if you allow yourself to be led there. The unfolding of a butterfly from a caterpillar is a process of patience and growth, but it is inevitable that the newly formed butterfly will fly out and thrive.

If you’re feeling overwhelmed with your life, try zooming out to look at the bigger picture. Learn about what’s happening around your community, or better yet, what topics are currently affecting us all, on a global scale? Sometimes all it takes is a different perspective to help you notice how blessed you are.

It’s OK to feel nervous and uncertain about what’s to come, but if you learn to listen to the messages heading your way, you will receive confirmation that you’re on the right path, every step of the way. Surrendering to change is the best path to take. Otherwise your other option is to continue to stumble backwards towards what does not exist anymore; refusing to acknowledge the truth. No matter what, you will still be loved and supported because The Universe will never give up on you. The current intensity will pass; hang in there.

Have a blessed day all, and if you connected with this reading please follow me on Instagram @BlessedManifestation or like my page on Facebook; your support is much appreciated. Thank you!

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