Daily Tarot Reading – 9/8/2020

From “The Muse Tarot” by Chris-Anne

Good morning Blessed Manifestation family! There’s this inner conflict we’ve all been dealing with since we began incorporating transactions into human culture; the conflict of spiritual enlightenment versus physical need. Many believe that being “rich” is not spiritual. That wanting or needing money is not enlightened. But there is no either or. Yes you can be enlightened and have your physical needs met (and expectations exceeded).

It’s not wrong to ask for your needs to be met, especially in exchange for a product or service you provide. Everything in the Universe is an exchange, so to be a part of that dance is to be in the flow of Abundance. Money is just another tool, like every other tool, and it has multiple uses and value. The point here is to find balance in your perception surrounding money and spirituality. It’s important to ask yourself how you see money and why you want (more of) it. It’s also important to ask how you see and value yourself, and what you have to offer to the world.

The Hierophant is a Spiritual Master, but also a student of life. She knows many things and is always actively pursuing spiritual knowledge. She yearns to understand how she can live a more financially fulfilling life while using her gifts to heal the world. In today’s card, our SHEro meets a guide on her journey, who gives her some clarity. By using the Divine Wisdom that is given to her, she can create wondrous gifts in the physical world, which can provide her with fulfillment here. There is no need to struggle.

As Above, So Below.
Many of us are agents of the Divine, and we are inspired to create–to bring pieces of paradise from The Universe into our Earth home. This is our purpose.

We are often inspired by so many ideas; these are messages from the Divine supporting our desires. They are supporting us by aligning us with our destinies. Trust me, your destiny is not about toiling and struggling financially. But you have to work in unison with Spirit. You are the vehicle; the driving force. Without your action, those divine inspirations are just ideas.

So whatever Divine thoughts you have received today, be sure to act on them, as they are leading you towards the Promised Land! Just make sure you understand that money is a tool like any other; it is not Spirit and it will never hold the highest value there is–the value in the Love God has for you and in the Love you have for yourself.

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