Daily Tarot Reading – 9/17/2020

From “The Enchanted Map Oracle Cards” app by Colette Baron-Reid

Good morning Blessed Manifestation family! Happy New Moon in Virgo, even though you may not be in a celebratory mood. There are conflicting energies swirling around the Universe, causing what may seem to us to be chaos, but in fact is Divine order.

On our plane of existence many things may seem to be mysteries, miracles, or just plain disorder, but it all makes sense to Spirit. Today you may not feel at your best. In fact, many of you may feel like you’ve fallen into a pit of despair, but trust me when I tell you that is just an illusion. Your mind is trying to process what you’re feeling and experiencing, and sometimes when we don’t actually know it’s easier to make something up. So if it doesn’t feel “good”, what you’re experiencing might seem to be “bad”. But nothing is ever just black or white.

The guidance for today is to take care of yourself; of your body home and your shelter home. Take shelter within yourself. First, take some time to tidy up around the house; it doesn’t need to be a deep cleaning, just something to help you feel a little less tense, or to give you more sense of order. For example, tackle that pile of laundry you’ve been avoiding. Whatever little detail has been nagging at you, this is the time to take care of it.

As for your body, self-care is a must today. Take a nice hot bath, or long hot shower. Put on your favorite moisturizers and perfumes, or oils. Drink plenty of water and take naps if you can. Point is, make your well-being a priority today. This is especially important if you’ve been feeling more anxious or restless than usual. Well-being is also about self-love. What loving thing can you do for yourself today? Maybe treating yourself to a massage, or even something as simple as giving yourself a hug and telling yourself how proud you are of how far you’ve come! Celebrate yourself because you’re here today.

Now, I’ve mentioned some soothing things you can do to nurture yourself and your home today, but one thing I will say is don’t look to comfort for salvation. Comfort is not healing, even though you may think (or feel) it is. Comfort is a space of sameness. We’ve been conditioned to understand comfort to be a “safe” space, when in fact it is more of a “pause” space. There is no movement in the comfort zone. The comfort zone is a place of false power and security. You think you’re in control there but you don’t actually have any control, other than over yourself.

My love, Virgo and all of the Universal energies want to help you, but in order to help you they have to take you out of your comfort zone; out of the ‘no movement’ zone. Nothing can grow there, including yourself. You might think you want to stay there, but you really don’t. It’s OK if you don’t know how you can learn to surrender to the inevitable changes, but at least be willing to try. At least accept that change will come, whether you want it to or not.

While your comfort zone is built upon sand, know that you will always have a safe and stable foundation in Spirit.

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Thank you!

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