Daily Tarot Reading – 9/23/2020

From the “Goddesses Power Oracle” deck by Colette Baron-Reid; illustrated by Jena DellaGrottaglia

Good morning Blessed Manifestation family! The Goddess Oshun is blessing our paths today; opening roads and sweetening our steps. She asks us to be grateful for everything and never take any experience for granted.

Oshun reminds us that there is Abundance everywhere; in every breath you take. In every bite of food. In every step made. Every moment and experience is a blessing. There is always something to be learned. And there is always something to be shared. Learn to dance in the gentle give and take of the Universe, which is the never-ending cycle of Abundance.

In traditional Tarot, Oshun would represent the Queen of Wands; she is bursting with creativity. She is inspired and inspiring. She is bold in the pursuits of her desires, and walks on the path of her destiny confidently. Continue to focus on balancing your Chakras, in particular your Sacral and Solar Plexus Chakras, so that you can feel the buzz of life within yourself.

Everything is working out in Divine Timing; there’s no need to rush the process. Because every moment is sacred, learn to become aware of the beauty within and all around you. This also includes beautifying yourself and your home. Today take a little extra time to get ready for the day, even if you have no where to go. Do it for yourself. Dress up a little, or take the time to actually brush your hair before the morning Zoom meeting. This is all about treating yourself with respect. Same goes for your home. Continue to de-clutter and make space. Summer has officially ended (here in the Northern Hemisphere), so it’s time to pack up what you won’t be able to wear (because it’s getting chilly out here) and bring out warmer clothing.

Take time to also put decorative touches to your home. They may be functionally unnecessary, but these details can help brighten up your mood. You don’t have to get fancy and redecorate but maybe buy yourself a house plant or fresh flowers. Or even place some scented candles around your home. These simple acts are powerful for inviting Abundance in.

These are the kinds of touches it would take to invite a Goddess such as Oshun, into your home and life. If you want to invite more Abundance into your life, live abundantly. You can do it; champagne decor on a beer budget. Check out Pinterest for ideas. Point is, when you are in alignment with Prosperity, Success, Victory, your outward experiences will begin to match that vibration…hello new job, new income, new home, etc…

How are you inviting Abundance into your life?

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