Daily Tarot Reading – 9/25/2020

From the “Soul Wisdom” oracle cards app by Sundara Fawn

Good morning Blessed Manifestation family! Vibrations are the language of the Universe. These signals you send out tell the Universe exactly what you want to experience. Think of it this way, the Universe is a Genie granting your wishes, but the only way to “wish” for something is through strong and consistent vibrations. If you want to be clear on the vibrations you are sending out to the Universe, just look at your current experiences.

Vibrations are created by consistent and repetitive thoughts and behaviors, so when you think “I’m broke” over and over, The Universe hears you loud and clear; broke is your wish. And you will then continue to experience “broke” in your life, and therefore continue to think it to be true. It really is that simple to manifest what you want, but most of us only think about what we don’t want. We continue to focus on the jobs we hate, or the relationships that suck, or the lack in our lives. And so those are the experiences we create for ourselves.

The creative energy is so potent right now that it really is crucial for you to watch your thoughts. We are receiving instant manifestations so focus more on what you want. I know how challenging it can be to think “positively” when you aren’t feeling it, but I’m not asking you to lie about your circumstances, just shift them. For example, if today you feel “broke” and you catch yourself thinking “I’m broke” again, change it to something like “Money is on the Way”. This is something I used to tell myself over and over when down in the dumps, financially. I, thankfully, have been able to turn my life around using tools such as affirmations and mantras. These are powerful phrases which shift your focus and perspective.

Another affirmation I love to use is “Everything is working in my Favor“. This reminds me, especially when going through a challenge, that it’s all for my benefit. And then I start to understand the how or why something has happened to or for me. Today consider turning around your most common phrases into something that affirms the reality you want to create.

What I seek is seeking me

The Universe is conspiring on my behalf

I trust in God’s plans for me

You can do a Google or Pinterest search for affirmations, if you’re stuck on what to say. Write them down and use them often. Write them on sticky notes and post them on your wall, your doors, refrigerator, etc. These are the consistent and repetitive thoughts you want to have playing in your active and subconscious mind. Trust me, the more you do this the more you will experience positive shifts.

You my friend are the Master of your Destiny.

One other key ingredient to successful manifestation is Action. It’s not enough to just think of something, you have to actively be engaged in the process of co-creation. Pay attention to ideas, solutions, thoughts, signs…anything you receive once you start shifting your thoughts. You will become aligned to receive what you want in the form you asked for, or better, which means you may feel called to ‘do something’.

During my last period of unemployment I began shifting my mind to receive a wonderful opportunity, to do something fun; to receive an opportunity for income that would help me create more–art, music, whatever. I just wanted a less analytical job and something more artistic. Within about three weeks I received an unexpected opportunity to get another Bachelors degree, for free. I used to always say I’d go back to school if someone would pay for it. I already hold a Bachelors degree, but this would be my second one. I decided to go for Graphic Design! I jumped at the opportunity, and while it was super exciting for me, I didn’t see how this would solve my gap in income. Well, after filing for financial aid, I ended up receiving a scholarship! Within a matter of two months I had manifested a free degree, a scholarship, and a new job!

I can hear some of you thinking “3 months? That’s too long!” but don’t get hung up on the timing. Everything happens in Divine and Perfect Timing. That period of unemployment helped me grow in ways I will mention in other posts. There are blessings everywhere!

What are you looking forward to manifesting for the remainder of this year? Let me know in the comments below.

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