Daily Tarot Reading – 9/28/2020

From the “Magical Mermaids & Dolphins” oracle cards deck

Good morning Blessed Manifestation family! Today is a YES day; whatever your question, the answer is Yes!

Is it time to move on to a new job? Yes!

Is it time to let go of this relationship? Yes!

Will I receive the support I need? Yes!

The Universe is responding in the affirmative, so watch your thoughts! Only focus on manifesting the best ones. Thinking something such as ‘my life sucks’ will only get you a confirmation of that statement; you’ll continue to manifest ‘sucky’ circumstances. It’s time to change the narrative.

Whichever seeds you planted at the last New Moon are sprouting. You will see successful manifestations really soon, being kicked off by this week’s Full Moon. Remember to be open to receive what you want, or better. Be flexible with how The Universe presents your gifts; it knows the best form to deliver it to you.

Friends will be important this week. They will be the ones delivering the solutions and resources you need; your prayers will be answered through other people, in particular loved ones. Don’t dismiss any suggestions or information you receive; once you’ve processed you may come to realize the message is the miracle you’ve been waiting on. Friends can also help keep your vibes high, uplift and inspire you. So if you’re feeling kind of down or lonely, make a date to catch up with someone you haven’t spoken to in a while.

As well, don’t be afraid to reach our for help. Your loved ones want to be there for you, and they will try their best to be supportive. Don’t assume they can’t help or won’t want to, just try. Speak up about your needs, and just as The Universe responds to your call, so will your loved ones. Remember, the answer will be Yes!

Have a blessed and beautiful day all!

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