Daily Tarot Reading – 10/2/2020

Good morning Blessed Manifestation family! As the veil between this physical world and the spiritual world gets thinner, your senses may become more heightened. At this time you may experience more vivid dreams than usual, signs, and sensations. Trust your psychic vision as it expands into your every day experience.

If you’re being called to dive into spiritual pursuits, or consult psychic intuitive readers and healers, go for it. What I like to do is follow someone for a while before paying for a consultation or reading with them. I like to check if they are authentic, honest, and consistent. There are many people out there looking to take your dollars without giving a care what happens to you; definitely proceed with caution before working with someone.

Trust your instincts as they are even more on point now. If a person or circumstance doesn’t sit well with you, trust that gut feeling and walk away. Don’t feel pressured to make a decision about something your heart and mind are not 100% certain of. Going back to the point about working with spiritual readers and healers, don’t ever feel like you have to do exactly what anyone says. We are all right in our beliefs, but not every belief is right for us all. In other words, everyone has a right to choose what it is they believe in, whether you agree with it or not. There is no one universal religion or form of spirituality. If someone makes you feel pressured to believe in something you don’t agree with, or doesn’t sit well with you, know that you have the right to walk away.

You have the power to be curious and inquisitive; ask as many questions of your practitioners as you need to. You are the one creating your experience. Learn to cultivate the best people and circumstances for a fulfilling life. In fact, you are being connected with the best people and circumstances as we speak. This is why it’s so important to follow the intuitive guidance you receive; this is your spirit team guiding you. They are the ones pointing the way. Don’t be afraid as you learn the language of Spirit. Spirit is leading you towards Victory!

Have a blessed and beautiful day all!

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