Daily Tarot Reading – 10/3/2020

From the “Work your Light Oracle Cards” by Rebecca Campbell (artwork by Danielle Noel)

Good morning Blessed Manifestation family! In this very magical month you are being asked to tap in to your innate gifts; the gifts you brought into this Lifetime. The gifts that will help you fulfill your mission here. This is the time to walk in your Purpose.

What I’ve learned and have come to believe is that we choose to incarnate and come to this place (this Earth experience) with a specific mission, or “destiny”. We bring with us knowledge from previous lifetime experiences that can help us here and now. But because of the heaviness (among other things) of this dimension, we forget this knowledge and our mission. Our heart and soul remember and urge us to find our way back to the chosen path. This is why we feel called to do certain things. The farther we stray from our destiny, the more unfulfilled and disconnected we feel.

The action for today is to allow yourself to receive the Divine Downloads, which will help you unlock the knowledge hidden within yourself. It actually isn’t hard at all. A lot of your natural skills and talents are your innate gifts awakening; the point now is to ask yourself where are these gifts leading you? What are you being called to do?

One of my favorite spiritual aspects to work with are the Akashic Records…this vast Library of your life times and life purpose. I had tapped into my Akashic records many years ago and learned about my path as a Healer. I began to unlock knowledge within myself over the years, and know that there’s so much more to learn. It’s so exciting to discover new talents and skills; these are things I picked up in previous lifetimes. The Akashic Records hold these records and more, for us all. By tapping into your records you can access a wealth of information to help you here and now.

On the other hand, we also bring a lot of baggage from other lifetimes. I’ll share that I had a vision of one of my past lives, a few years back, I saw myself as an enslaved woman. Because of that experience, in this lifetime, I don’t like feeling confined or locked in to anything. I even have a challenging time making commitments. So while there’s so much useful knowledge, we can also unlock trauma and behaviors that are not helpful to us. But you know what those are. We deal with unhealthy and toxic behaviors every day. We see this in the patterns we repeat; repeating the same circumstances over and over, and feeling stuck. When we become aware of the gifts and grievances we bring in from other lifetimes, we can truly become masters of the now. Become a master of your experience in the here and now, and fulfill the mission you chose; we need you to.

I recommend doing some research into the Akashic records, and if you feel inclined, book an Akashic Reading with me. Learn about your Life Purpose and gifts. Feel free to contact me if you have any questions.

Have a blessed and beautiful day all!

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