Daily Tarot Reading – 10/8/2020

From the “Archangel Power” Tarot Cards by
Radleigh Valentine

Good morning Blessed Manifestation family! Blessed changes are coming your way; for many of you this is a change in status.

I mentioned in yesterday’s reading to keep your plans and goals to yourself; many of those goals are taking shape and manifesting into your realities. This change in status is related to your finances: a new job, promotion, new business, or a new home. Abundance is yours! Destiny is at play and aligning you with what you are worthy (and ready) to receive.

This change is both a conclusion and a new beginning. The old way of working, being, or living is done and you are now making way for the new. Today’s energy is forward and fast moving, so don’t be surprised if you receive the good news today. Hold off on celebrating until all of the details are finalized; contracts are signed, you have a written agreement, etc. You don’t want to share before you actually have the details finalized.

This change has been something you’ve been wanting and working at for a while. Your old job/career/business or home was something that was a stressor for you, and now you are moving on towards greener pastures; to something that is more aligned with your purpose.

Planetary energy is a blessing, always, even with reversals. Your job is to find the miracle–to be “miracle minded”. The rapid news could be, for example, you being let go from the job you hate, but this only opens the door for a better opportunity. Always look for the silver lining because there is always at least one.

Lastly, if you have multiple options to choose from, make the most logical choice. What feels good but is also a smart move? Get all of the details before making a commitment.

Have a blessed and beautiful day all! Don’t forget to book an Akashic Reading with me, to learn about your Life Purpose!

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