Daily Tarot Reading – 10/10/2020

From the “Soul Wisdom” oracle cards app by Sundara Fawn

Good morning Blessed Manifestation family! Do you recall ever waking up excited as a child? Maybe waking up on Christmas morning, eager to open your presents. Or waking up on your birthday knowing a party and presents were on the agenda for the day. Now, when was the last time you woke up with that feeling of excitement and anticipation?

We’ve been conditioned to let go of our dreams as adults; dreams, fantasies, and playtime is only for children…or is it? We actually never stop being children. Sure our bodies grow, and our minds mature with experience, but the children we once were are always within us. They are waiting for their chance to play; to explore, and live a life filled with adventures. Today’s card is asking you to let your inner child out once in a while; as often as possible.

There’s so much value in childlike wonder. Imagine if you lived every day as if it were a fun game…think about how much less stressed we would be. We’d engage less in toxic behaviors and environments. We’d be more honest with ourselves and others. We’d be more willing to experience the miracles life has to offer.

If your childhood was less than ideal, this is your opportunity to recreate a better version of that experience. This is your chance to teach your inner child a better way to live. Be and do all the things you wished you could have done as a child. This is your time to create the best version of this life.

Today consider viewing your world through the eyes of your little self. See the beauty, bounty, and wonder in every moment. Use your imagination to create more of what you want. Play! I mean it, go play. Play games, draw, paint, be silly. Read your favorite books from your childhood. Dress up. Jump on the bed. Laughter is the order of the day!

Magic is everywhere and available to us all; let your inner child show you the way.

Have a blessed day all!

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