Daily Tarot Reading – 10/13/2020

From “The Muse Tarot” by Chris-Anne

Good morning Blessed Manifestation family! Allow your mind to temper your emotions today. This is an intense time with the planetary energies; everyone is experiencing it differently, but one thing is clear–we are all feeling it.

Allow yourself to be guided by reason. Today is not one for big decisions; I would even avoid getting into any contracts or agreements. Things outside of ourselves are not currently in a “logical” state. It’s very easy to make a decision from an ungrounded place and lose your footing.

What you want to do instead is create a ‘soft’ vision for what is next in your life. This isn’t about planning or setting goals, because you do not have the full picture yet to do that. There’s more information on the way to help you make a better decision. For now, find balance between your dream and reality; anything is possible but you want to avoid fantasizing. Allow yourself to receive Divine guidance on where to go, or what to do, next.

This is not the time to look back at the ‘woulda, coulda, shouldas’; no regrets. You cannot fix the past. All you can do now is move forward. Even if you don’t feel prepared or feel like things were left unsettled. Just keep going. If life hasn’t been moving fast for you, it soon will! I know I have certainly been feeling the effects. Take time today for a mental ‘catch-up’ with yourself, to check-in. It’s the perfect time to do this so you can get clear on what it is you really want for yourself; kind of like a life assessment.

Then use the power of this week’s New Moon to plant the seeds; set the intentions. Rapid manifestation will be knocking on your door by the end of the month when we experience our 2nd Full Moon in October…this time for Halloween!!

This is a very magical month so please be sure to take full advantage.

Have a blessed (and magical) day all!

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