Daily Tarot Reading – 10/17/2020

From the “Angel Dreams” oracle cards deck by Doreen Virtue and Melissa Virtue

Good morning Blessed Manifestation family! The best move to make right now is to look within, especially as we get closer to Scorpio season. All of the treasures we seek are right within ourselves.

This is a time of potent and rapid manifestation. The sooner we can align ourselves to the path Spirit has laid out for us, the sooner we can receive the answers to our prayers. The sooner we can live life the way it was meant to be lived. The sooner we can be our truest selves.

This is a time of revelations. You might receive new and interesting ideas, thoughts, dreams, and even visions. Your third eye is more open than before, to pick-up on the intuitive nudges and signs your Spiritual family sends your way. Trust yourself and the thoughts which come up. Pay attention because truths are being revealed about yourself, and the world around you. Don’t be afraid of what is beyond the illusions of this world. Fulfillment won’t come from that new house or car you buy, but instead by being aligned with your purpose; your calling. You’ll find that by digging deep within yourself.

There’s much to be revealed about yourself; you have so much to learn about who you are. This exercise might be a little “out there” but try it anyway; this is the perfect timing to do so. Try today to go to a mirror and have a quick chat with yourself. Ask yourself, who am I? You might be surprised by the answers which come up. If that sounds intimidating, more reason to try it! Trust me, you’ll want to do more of this because once we enter into Scorpio season, its ruler Pluto won’t let you just “chill” on the surface–the superficial layers.

Pluto will push you more than you’ve been pushed this year, for one final test before the end of 2020. There’s no passing grade; it’s just do. It’s something we will all have to do, to ask ourselves who we really are underneath all of the behaviors, conditioning, and costumes. This is the most valuable gift you can give to yourself.

Your wishes will be granted if Pluto feels you’ve gone deep enough. But guess what? You can totally do this! You have the strength and support. This is all working in your favor, believe it! We’ve got this!

Have a blessed day all!

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