Daily Tarot Reading – 10/22/2020

From “The Wisdom of the Avalon” Oracle Cards deck by Colette Baron-Reid

Good morning Blessed Manifestation family! After the Stag’s arduous journey, it stands at the peak with its head held high– proud of all it has accomplished. This is what you need to do today; stand tall and proud, in your Truth.

Take Pride in everything you have done and everything you have yet to do. Whatever it is you have placed your focus on, complete the task fully. A Leader accomplishes their task, and does not half-ass the work. The work is the journey. The work is the lesson. There is great wisdom in doing everything fully; wholly. Give the best version of yourself in everything you do.

No matter how many pitfalls were in the Stag’s way, it kept going. It rested when it needed to. It planned when it needed to. Ultimately it made it to the top. The message of rewards for whole work continues today. Work is not about being “hard” but instead about wholeness and completion. Even when you don’t feel connected to the work, or don’t ‘love’ it, is it helping someone else? Is it for the highest good of humanity? Of our planet? This is what it means to work wholly– to view the task as the sum of its parts.

For many of you, a promotion is on the way. This could be a promotion within your career or field, or an opportunity to expand your business/brand. There’s something brewing to help elevate you to work on your purpose, wholly. To give all that you have to its completion. You are being guided to this gift so pay attention. Pay attention to the thoughts, ideas, or visions which come to mind, telling you what you need to know. The messages may even come to you in dreams.

Don’t be afraid to walk confidently; you should know that you have the skills and talents to succeed. You are worthy to succeed. Take pride in yourself and your life; you’ve already come so far!

Have a blessed day all!

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