Daily Tarot Reading – 10/26/2020

From the “Reiki Inspirational Cards” by Anna Eva Jahier

Good morning Blessed Manifestation family! Today’s card reminds us that we have the strength and capacity to overcome any obstacle, and also to remember that all obstacles serve a purpose on our paths. Any current challenges you may be experiencing, look at their value here and now.

This is a time of deep transformation for us all, and no it’s not meant to be easy. If it were easy it would be “comfortable”, and I’d stated many times before, nothing grows in the comfort zone. Life is about movement, and the natural flow is to transition from one state to the next. This is what is happening now.

I mentioned in yesterday’s reading how we are being challenged by our pasts. But know that you have the strength and wisdom to face your past head on. To understand what lessons it has to teach you. Take full advantage of the opportunity of this “uncomfortable” space. Look at today’s card; what does it remind you of? I immediately thought of a fence, or the bars of a jail cell. It’s a block. But truly it’s no block at all; our own minds create what we want or need to see. There is no obstacle on the path, but you must stay in this place until you realize that– until you can shift your perspective to see no bars. This is the Miracle you are seeking.

This space between here and there; between the obstacle and the movement forward, is all about your healing. You are being purified; forged into something whole– into the best version of yourself. Perseverance isn’t about pushing your way through the obstacle, it’s about accepting where you are. It’s about seeing yourself and your circumstances for what they really are. Once you can face yourself and truly know yourself, this is when you’ve won. This is true perseverance.

We have entered a waiting period today, so wait until the timing is right to move. You will receive the sign. Have patience and continue to be gentle with yourself.

Have a blessed day all!

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