Daily Tarot Reading – 10/27/2020

From “The Good Tarot” app by Colette Baron-Reid

Good morning Blessed Manifestation family! The King of Earth is here to assure us that all of our needs are and will be met. He reminds us to stay present in our everyday experience.

The King of Earth (or Pentacles in traditional Tarot) is successful, wealthy; he represents the “good life”, in the material sense. He’s rich but he’s philanthropic. He loves to give because he is so aligned with Abundance he knows that giving and receiving is the natural law–he’s here to teach you his ways.

Opportunities are all around us; follow the signs. Follow the yellow brick road–the golden path. This message is especially pertinent if you are experiencing financial hardships; you won’t get through this alone. You need people–reach out to friends, family, colleagues, previous co-workers, supervisors, etc. Networking is key. You have more resources than you think, to help you land a great job. The more aware you are of the opportunities, the more you will perceive them.

This is also a signal for entrepreneurship. I’ve you’ve been wanting to start your own business, or turn your side-hustle into full-time income, this is your chance. We tend to be the most resourceful when we are going through a challenging time. I find that innovation is, in many ways, the outcome of hardship. You already have an idea or will soon receive one, for something innovative to create. You have the skills, experience, and tools already at your disposal. Plus help is on the way. When someone crosses your path bearing gifts or aid, accept it with gratitude.

For many of you, a golden opportunity is on the way. If you’ve felt yourself in darkness for a long time, know that there is a radiant light on the way, to illuminate your path and next steps. The King may also have an unexpected, financial blessing for you. When you receive it give thanks, and also tithe as much as you are able to. Follow in the King’s footsteps and you will be victorious!

Have a blessed day all!

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