Daily Tarot Reading – 10/28/2020

From the “Work your Light Oracle Cards” by Rebecca Campbell (artwork by Danielle Noel)

Good morning Blessed Manifestation family! What can you do for yourself today? How often do you consider yourself and your needs? We are in a time of deep reflection, and today we are all being asked to dive deep into the healing waters of the Universe.

You need to recharge, replenish, and restore yourself. Your reserves are practically empty. You’ve given more than enough focus and energy to others; to your job, to schoolwork, to family, etc…how much is left for you? Not much. As a result you may be feeling disjointed and ungrounded. As a result it’s easy to experience a sense of unfairness, victimhood, confusion, frustration, etc…Go outside and get some fresh air. You need to engage in breathwork for alignment, and being outside can help you get grounded.

Try to do something to shift your energy. Physical movement is called for, and walking in nature is one of the easiest way to find balance. Engaging your body helps to get you out of your head; out of the repetitive, toxic thoughts. Feel your heart and lungs expand with every breath. Whatever it is you are ‘fighting’ is trying to teach or show you something; don’t resist.

This is an important moment for you to assess what is not aligned in your life and what needs to change. Engaging in the exercises I suggested is a way for you to feel more empowered to face your challenges, but they are not meant for you to ‘escape’ what is happening. This moment is not about avoidance because whatever you don’t address will continue in your life.

If you are here reading this, know that this powerful unfolding is part of your Spiritual elevation. You are ascending to higher levels; body, heart, mind, and soul. Metamorphosis is taking place. Relax into these blessed changes. No need to fear.

Have a blessed day all!

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