Daily Tarot Reading – 10/30/2020

From “The Mother Mary Oracle” app by Alana Fairchild

Good morning Blessed Manifestation family! The first word that popped into my mind when this card came up, was ‘Baptism’. In many spiritual and religious cultures a Baptism is a holy cleansing. You are cleansed, renewed, and connected to a higher source. I now understand the true meaning of this Scorpio season.

We are all being cleansed; our bodies, thoughts, vibrations. Our behaviors, conditioning, expressions. Our wants and desires. We are all being restored on a personal level and a global level. The waters in the Plutonian depths are plunging us in for a Baptism. We are all being asked to feel the fullness of our emotions. The waters are pouring out and cannot be contained. The same is true of our own emotions. The closer we get to the Full Moon, the more we are being asked to release and allow.

Don’t fight the current. Instead, relax into it knowing how you will come out on the other side; clean and whole. Not because you aren’t clean and whole now, but because you forgot along the way. You forgot your true self and your true purpose. No need to blame, but now the Universe has invited us to remember again. Remember who you truly are. You are not the sum of your stories and circumstances. You were clean, whole, and perfect before you even became part of the consciousness of this reality. This is a blessed opportunity!

You might feel more sensitive and ‘intense’ than usual, but don’t hold back. Release. Cry. Yell. Kick. Dance. Write. Paint. Express yourself in any form you are drawn to. Imagine yourself as a lotus flower; the murky depths of yourself are an integral part of you but they do not define you. Just as a lotus flower does, you reach up and outwards, towards the light. Towards the best experience you can get. And then when it’s time to rest and reflect, you go deep within once again.

Allow yourself to be nourished and hydrated today by these sacred waters. You are blessed today and always. Remember this gift and bless the shifts happening in your life today. Have a blessed day all!

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