Daily Tarot Reading – 10/31/2020

From the “Everyday Witch” Tarot app, by Deborah Blake (art by Elisabeth Alba)

Good morning Blessed Manifestation family! Today is powerful for many reasons – a rare Blue Moon, All Hallows Eve, and the thinning of the veil between this world and the spiritual world. Needless to say, prepare for a bumpy ride today!

There is a powerhouse of forces at play, and we may experience things much more intensely on this plane. Today is packed with disruptions–miscommunications, discord, potential break-ups, broken promises, heartache…you name it. It may feel like all you’ve been hearing is bad news, whether in your personal life or in the news cycles. So what can do you? The answer is simple. Nothing.

What can you do when a powerful storm passes through? You can prepare as much as possible, but you cannot stop it. And you understand that what is inevitable is that there will be damage. But think of the value of a storm. A storm gives us the chance to pause and assess. A storm serves to scatter what is no longer of service in our lives. A storm serves to give you perspective on what truly matters. Today’s card is not about feeling helpless and powerless, on the contrary. You have the power to choose how to react to the circumstances which present themselves within the next few days. The best course of action you can take is to take shelter, and wait it out.

Harness the power of the Blue Moon to help you release–let go in order to make room. You especially need to clear out the mental noise and clutter. Clearing away the physical clutter in your space can help to clarify your perspective. All Hallows Eve is a time to prepare for the coming darkness of Winter; to understand that just as nature has moments of light and joy, there are also moments of darkness and reflection. But not to worry, things are not as bad as they may seem and they are also not as they appear to be. Not only is the Moon playing tricks on us, but we are also getting pranked by some other planets, including Mischievous Mercury. Today is not one for entering into any agreements or making major decisions. The time will soon come when you will choose a new path, and begin a new journey.

Have a beautiful and blessed day all!

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