Daily Tarot Reading-11/4/2020

From the “Archangel Michael” oracle cards by Doreen Virtue

Good morning Blessed Manifestation family! I love working with Archangel (or Saint) Michael whenever I’m feeling unsafe, ungrounded, or in need of protection and support. Tensions are high. Anxiety and worry are high–lots of uncertainties. But Saint Michael tells us that there is no need to worry. In fact, we are all heading towards beautiful new beginnings.

Make a commitment to focus on what you want to see or manifest in your life, not what is not working. Whatever your mind is focused on creates the prayer to pray for or against something; you do not want to push away your blessings. Anytime a thought such as ‘I feel sick’ creeps in, transform that into something like ‘I am on path towards great healing’. Switch it up so you feel empowered in every moment, especially when you aren’t feeling your best. The more you can switch things up, the more you can muster up the Faith to manifest what you want, and need.

This is also a wonderful time to begin a new health routine. We’re spending more time indoors, so consider creating a plan for your health: physical, mental, and spiritual. Actually plan on your calendar, time for a walk or workout–anything to move your body. This will also help increase your energy and vitality, which also helps with your mood and mental health. You really want to focus on making your wellbeing a priority. That may mean setting stricter boundaries with others, so you have more time to focus on yourself.

For many of you, new romance is in the air! You have either met or will soon meet a potential love match, and St. Michael is helping you receive someone worthy. I get the sense that by focusing on your total health and wellbeing, you are calling someone physically, mentally, and emotionally stable. Both of you will be on the same page regarding health and wellness, so this will be a matched, balanced relationship.

Do not let the outer illusions persuade you that things are not working in your favor, because they actually are. You are blessed and moving on to better days, and better (and stronger) relationships, including the one you have with yourself and God.

Have a blessed day all!

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