Daily Tarot Reading-11/6/2020

From “Messages from your Angels” oracle cards app

Good morning Blessed Manifestation family! Now that Mercury has gone direct, all stalled information will now be forward moving. Keep your eyes and ears open for news, messages, and opportunities which did not make their way to you previously.

Many things happen (or are blocked from occurring) when Mercury goes in retrograde, or as I like to call it “vacation”. And there is always a “shadow” period a few days before and after a retrograde, so today’s card confirms that Mercury is direct again. Progress is possible now. Blocks are lifted. You can move forward with making those bold decisions which you were uncertain of.

As well, the mental fog is being lifted. You may have experienced confusion, uncertainty, or a lack of focus you could not shake. Now clarity is back so you will be able to perceive things more clearly. This also means we may finally receive a clear decision to this uncertain Presidential election, in the United States.

Hopefully this retrograde gave you time to pause and assess if the direction you were headed in is still something that would be in your best interest to pursue. And now you can move forward with it, or if you realized it’s not the path for you, move on from it.

Stalled resources will now be headed your way; for many this is money-related. Could be a potential new job or opportunity, a legal settlement, or some funds you were waiting approval for. Be grateful and enjoy your blessings this weekend; have some fun!

Have a blessed day all!

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