Daily Tarot Reading-11/7/2020

From the “Nature Spirit Walks Tarot” app

Good morning Blessed Manifestation family! The message continues today about doors opening and our due coming to us. I had mentioned in yesterday’s reading that many of you would be receiving some kind of legal settlement, so this card confirms that. Whatever was previously stalled will now be moving forward.

If you have been dealing with some sort of contention, today will be good for obtaining legal counsel, or at the very least some professional advice. Today’s card speaks to seeking knowledge and information from trusted sources, which are those who are educated and skilled within a certain field. In other words, if you need legal advice, don’t turn to your friend (who is not a lawyer) for guidance. You need to actively seek out mentors who will help you, but know that you are aligned to receive this help soon.

Many things have been put on hold because of the pandemic, but doors will reopen once again in the near future. Everything is working in Divine and perfect order which means, trust the process. We perceive so much “chaos” to be happening on this plane of existence, but this is all part of a plan. Things are working in your favor, and the sooner you can realize this, the sooner you can continue to move forward into alignment with your destiny.

The wolf in today’s card is standing alone, but is not alone. Instead it is the leader of the pack. You will get ahead of whatever troubles have been chasing you, especially legal troubles, as long as you consider the good of all. What is the best outcome for all parties involved? A valued leader knows when to fight and also when to flee, for the good of its group. If you only seek justice and rewards for yourself, you will be waiting a long time. Justice is about balance and truth, and that is what is working in your life today. You are moving on, and towards a beautiful, new beginning.

Have a blessed day all!

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