Daily Tarot Reading-11/10/2020

From the “Morgan-Greer Tarot” deck

Good morning Blessed Manifestation family! The energy is fast moving with respect to your desires; your manifestations will come to fruition very soon, if they haven’t already. You have The World in the palms of your hands!

Things will be fast moving; news and information coming your way, and happy changes. For many of you I get the sense of happy news regarding your home; an addition to your family, such as a pregnancy, or even news of you now being able to purchase a new home, or upgrade your homes, or marriage. Your home life is about to improve for the better, but also understand that sometimes the path towards “better” can mean closing certain doors and chapters.

For others, you will receive happy news regarding your finances; a windfall, or promotion of some sort. More money and opportunities are on the way. You will have to make a quick decision but take a little pause just to reflect if that job or opportunity presented to you is for you. As well, if it’s an enticing opportunity but it’s missing one key ingredient, such as your salary requirement, be open about it. Declare what it is you are seeking because if they don’t have it for you, someone else will.

This is a very blessed time; a time for Hope and Abundance. Expansive Jupiter is opening doors for us all, and showering us with gifts. Allow Light into your homes and lives; light candles, spend time outdoors during the day–let the light shine in as often as possible. Let it remind you that you are loved and supported. This is a time of balance in all things, so just as you receive make sure to also give back. Tithe, whether through financial contributions or in other ways, such as acts of kindness and service. Being in the flow of Abundance is an exchange of energy. This is an opportune time to make and welcome the changes you’ve been yearning for.

Have a blessed day all!

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