Daily Tarot Reading-11/11/2020

From the “Black Moon Astrology Cards” by Susan Sheppard

Good morning Blessed Manifestation family! 11/11–make a wish! Jupiter is here to confirm that they are helping us all expand in all areas of our lives. Partnerships in particular will be an area you’ll want to pay attention to.

This Divine expansion period will push you out of your comfort zone, but in a supportive way–with the tools, resources, and people you need to stretch beyond your self-made boundaries. I mentioned in yesterday’s reading about receiving good news regarding your home life, and yes your home life/family life will be expanding as well. This could mean children, engagements or weddings, purchasing or moving into new homes. Partnerships in all forms are elevating, so it may or may not be romantic. You could be establishing strategic alliances for business, for example. Don’t get stuck on one way of perceiving this gift.

For some of you, this expansion could also close some chapters in your life. You may outgrow certain people in your life, and that’s OK. You may find your path splitting away from your current partnerships. Jupiter is opening all doors, so you may end up seeing more than you had originally. You may, for example, find out the truth about a person you thought you knew. The initial feelings of betrayal and hurt will arise, but know that something even better is on the horizon for you.

This time of expansion may also encourage flashes of inspiration, creativity, and insight. Take notes of those Divine downloads, to discern them when the time is right. You might not be able to take action on all ideas received, but at least if you write them down you can come back to them later on.

No matter what form your expansion takes, trust and believe that everything is working in your favor, even if on the outside things may seem to be falling apart for you. Endings only signal new beginnings. Make room!

Have a blessed day all!

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