Daily Tarot Reading-11/13/2020

From the “Wisdom of the Hidden Realms” oracle card deck by Colette Baron-Reid

Good morning Blessed Manifestation family! Pause for a moment today to reflect where you are on your journey. At some point you took a detour or misstep, but no matter because you will always be guided to get back on track. Consider today if you’ve been going down the path laid out for you, or if you have chosen your own path.

Today’s message asks you to consider if the path you’ve chosen for yourself is actually better than the one the Divine has mapped out for you. Consider for a moment that you may be headed towards the familiar; what you know, understand, and makes you feel “comfortable”. Guess what? Going down that path will only set you on a loop; one you’ve been down many times before. There’s nothing down there for you. Even the familiar comforts you had gotten used to aren’t there to greet you anymore. There’s nothing nourishing at the end of this familiar path.

The new path, however, is exactly what you need. It may feel scary because it’s a path that’s unfamiliar and you haven’t gone down it before. But there’s nothing to be afraid of. This new path is full of passion, adventure, and excitement; all the things you’ve been missing. When was the last time you actually felt excited about your life? Or passionate about a project or endeavor? Honesty is called for today. Acknowledge that you aren’t sure how to go down a new path when you’ve been stuck on the old one. It’s OK. You don’t need to know “how” to walk it, just be willing to accept the courage you need to make a brave, new choice.

Words and visual cues will be powerful in helping you get back on track towards the Divine path. Tell yourself you have the courage to welcome something new. If it’s helpful, create a vision board or even a board on Instagram or Pinterest to help you visualize what this new path would look like. What would it look like to go after that big dream?

You are supported. Be patient and gentle with yourself at this time, and don’t rush this process. Take all the time you need today, as you ponder on this crossroads of your life.

Have a blessed day all!

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