Daily Tarot Reading-11/14/2020

From the “Soul Wisdom” oracle cards app by Sundara Fawn

Good morning Blessed Manifestation family! I’ve been shopping online much more than usual, as are many of us it seems, and decided to put that on pause (at least until Black Friday). I am pretty hard on myself whenever I am close to purchasing an item; I tend to talk myself out of buying so I don’t usually splurge, so have been carrying around a bit of extra guilt because of the ‘excess’ shopping I’ve been doing the past few months. I am aware enough to know that it was something to do to keep myself “busy” or occupied. It’s a challenge for me to just be still.
I invite you to welcome stillness, even just for a few moments today.

There’s something so powerful about sitting with discomfort. Wanting to move, fidget, or do something, when all you have to ‘do’ is just be. Just breathe. We’ve been so used to going and moving, that actually doing ‘nothing’ feels like the exact opposite of what we ‘should’ be doing. But aren’t you tired of all that busyness, all the time? I know I am. It’s exhausting to always be on the go. I also know how uncomfortable it is to just allow things to be, and pause. But this is what we are being called to do. This is why seasons are so important in life; there are times to experience vibrant joy and movement, and times to experience darkness and stillness. All are necessary for our wellbeing.

As we enter into the winter months, allow yourself to adapt to the coldness and darkness. The hibernation. An incubation period is called for because you will need your energy to create. Your body also needs rest to restore itself. To heal itself. Have you ever worked on a computer you didn’t maintain? Never clearing cookies, never shutting down…eventually it just crashes. You don’t want that to happen. We all need a reboot.

Give yourself permission to rest. Be gentle with yourself. It’s OK if you feel restless; sit with it. Breathe it in and out. Acknowledge those feelings that come knocking; they have important information to tell you. This is not the time to run away, but rather to face what it is you have been avoiding. Do it, especially because many of us will be facing much more time at home again. Do it for your sanity and for the sanity of those you love, because if you don’t you’ll find yourself trying to do everything but heal. You’ll be nitpicking and wanting to start drama; to create anything and everything to avoid dealing with yourself. Clear the air with yourself so that ‘home’ won’t just be about a space you live in, but rather an entire state of being; being at home with yourself.


Have a blessed day all!

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