Daily Tarot Reading-11/16/2020

From the “Goddesses Power Oracle” deck by Colette Baron-Reid; illustrated by Jena DellaGrottaglia

Good morning Blessed Manifestation family! First off, welcome to all you new followers; thank you for your support! Please be sure to also follow me on Instagram for even more insight into the Spiritual world. The warrior Goddess Kali reminds us all today that rage and fury have their place, but it’s not where you think it should be.

As Scorpio brings unresolved emotions and memories to the surface, you may find that suppressed anger and frustration unleashed at the wrong time, or to the wrong person. Take a deep breath before reacting. This is a time of intense shadow work, where things we buried deep within ourselves must be expressed, but your job is to find a healthy way to express yourself.

Kali is helping us all cut the cords to what is no longer for us. And even if you feel you don’t want to let go, she will do it for you. There’s no room for the superficial and what is not working. Kali is liberating us from our self-imposed shackles, and inviting us to invite Spirit into our daily lives. Just like you take the time to scroll through a social media feed, you can make time for a quick check-in with Spirit; this is your guide to total health and fulfillment.

The outer world reflects the “death” and “destruction” going on within us; walls are being torn down, and outdated paradigms are being removed. The Universe is clearing the way for our highest good, personally and collectively. We need to make space for healing. We need to make space for light, and love. We need to make space for empowerment. We need to make space for God. The way out of the darkness is through the darkness; through the muck we’ve created. But not to worry because darkness has its place just like the light does; both living in perfect harmony. We are the ones who have chosen disharmony and a life of illusions. But that ends now.

There’s no need to fear. What’s happening is nothing short of a miracle; we are ascending.

Have a blessed and empowering day all!

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