Daily Tarot Reading-11/19/2020

From “Messages from your Angels” oracle cards app

Good morning Blessed Manifestation family! The path is forward and onward; the Unicorn on today’s card charges ahead and keeps its sights to the future. The path you seek is not in the past memories, experiences, or traumas. Everything you desire is in front of you.

Based on yesterday’s message, I get the sense that anything that happened before, while had its place and value in your life, is no longer of service to you. Thank it for what it taught you, and move on. If you’ve been lamenting over a break-up, know that a better relationship is on the horizon. A better job is on the horizon. A better home is on the horizon. Whatever you feel you “lost” is really a gain, because you are on target to receiving even greater blessings.

The Universe is making room for you. Let it. Be flexible with the manifestations of your dreams and desires; they take shape according to your will but in the form the Universe deems best. Have patience and faith like never before, especially during these trying times. Do not allow fear to guide your way; be brave like this majestic creature, which is coming out of the darkness. What is for you will never be denied to you; it is on the way!

Another message for you today is to work in secret. Keep your plans to yourself and make your moves, without spilling the details to others. Don’t tell others what you plan to do, instead show them what you did. Show them what you’ve accomplished. These times are bringing out the best and worst in people; everyone’s true nature. And so, someone may throw salt or shade your way, even if they don’t intend to cause harm. Know that not everyone will want to share in your happiness, so protect your dreams by making moves in silence.

Not everyone needs to be privy of what goes on in your life, so also be aware of what you are sharing on social media. Think of it this way, you are already blessed and protected, but does that mean you’ll invite negativity into your space or life? No. But oftentimes we do invite negativity, even without really understanding what we’re doing. This isn’t cause for fear, but instead for wisdom. Discernment is called for.

Everything is working out in your favor; believe that. Things will turn around and pick up much sooner than you think!

Have a blessed day all!

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