Daily Tarot Reading-11/20/2020

Vision Quest Tarot by Gayan S. Winter & Jo Dose

Good morning Blessed Manifestation family! It seems like we’re all waiting for something to happen. Like a quiet hush while waiting for an impending storm. We know some things; we have facts that are here in the present. Today’s message reminds that we don’t have control over the form our future will take, so don’t exhaust yourself trying to figure out what will happen.

Stay present today. Focus on where you are right now. Focus on your breath. Focus on what has to be done today. Focus on your blessings. We have power in so many different ways, and yet we are powerless in other ways. You have power over yourself and your reactions to circumstances. You can sit in fear, or anger, or you can choose to feel something else. I’m not saying you should try and be “happy” all the time; every emotion is valid. But don’t let your emotions consume you. Emotions are like water, and will flow in and out of your life. Whatever you feel today is temporary; you can ride it out.

If you can’t stop thinking about what will happen tomorrow, try this. Write out what you want your tomorrow to look like. How do you want to feel tomorrow? What do you want to experience? You can choose to be anxious about the unknown, or you can try and manifest what you want. But remember, the form is not in your control. Be flexible and open, and trust that God’s got you.

Today is not one for action and aggression but rather contemplation. Pause on the rat race that is our lives to at least become aware of yourself and surroundings; are you where you want to be? As well, there is a temporary pause in momentum, but delays often present us with fresh perspectives. The energy for today is one of inner healing. In the here and now is where you will be comforted and supported.

Have a blessed day all!

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