Daily Tarot Reading-11/27/2020

From the “Earth Magic” oracle cards app by Steven D. Farmer

Good morning Blessed Manifestation family! Yesterday in the United States many celebrated Thanksgiving, but let’s not forget that for American Indians Thanksgiving marks a different experience–one of trauma and mourning. Today is known as ‘Native American Heritage Day’ to honor the contributions of the indigenous population of this country, and it’s aligned with today’s message which is asking us to connect with our ancestry.

Connecting with your ancestral heritage will serve to inspire you in ways which will be aligned with your own purpose. We serve as the ambassadors of our ancestors–a representative of a rich historical and cultural background. The Ancestors are calling you now to tap in to the wisdom they have to share with you. They are reaching out to you in the forms of dreams, signs, and creative ideas. Your self-expression is an expression of their strengths, courage, and talents. But do you know where you come from?

It’s important to learn more about your own history–your personal history and the history of your family. And the history of your people, and their people. Honor your history and culture, and the ancestors which are helping you now. Giving them thanks for paving the way. If you are able, set out an offering for them–it can be as simple as a clean cup of water. They are helping you in every way and appreciate whatever you have to give them.

Go back in time to the very first iteration of yourself, and be proud of how far you’ve come. Express yourself in the ways you are called to. Follow the beat of your own drum, which is the sound of your Destiny.

Have a blessed day all!

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