Daily Tarot Reading-11/28/2020

From the “Tarot Mucha” card app

Good morning Blessed Manifestation family! Today’s energy is about trying something new, but in order to start something new you have to let go of what is not working; you have to make room.

There might be something you have been working towards but it hasn’t been a fulfilling experience. You’ve given so much and that endeavor hasn’t given much in return. It’s time to assess if you want to continue on this journey or move on towards something new. Know that this current project of yours is a dry well; it has nothing more to give you, at least not now. You can wean yourself off slowly, but that will only take time (and energy) away from the new inspiration coming your way. Cut your losses and move on. Be bold. This message could apply to a person or failing relationship, but for most of you this is about a business or source of income that hasn’t worked out the way you’ve wanted it to. The coming Full Moon wants to illuminate a new path for you, possibly one you hadn’t considered before.

Though you’re unsure of this new project, it’s something that has piqued your curiosity enough to start somewhere. You’re starting out new; think of yourself as a student learning all you need to know about this new endeavor. You will receive the help and resources you need, but for now have courage to keep moving forward with your Divinely guided idea. Find balance between walking into the unknown and strategizing for what’s to come. You want to have some direction but you don’t want to stifle your creativity with endless planning. The person on the card doesn’t know all the answers but he’s willing to try anyway, even if he has to stumble along the way. Sometimes it take a few detours and pitfalls to stumble onto success. Give yourself a chance to try again, and build something stronger.

Have a blessed day all!

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