Daily Tarot Reading-12/5/2020

Good morning Blessed Manifestation family! The clouds of illusions are parting. You can now see things clearer and have a different perspective on circumstances.

More details are coming to light about an important decision, and you will continue to receive even more needed information. You may not have all of the pieces of the puzzle, but things are starting to make more sense. It’s important to be present and accept things as they are in the here and now. Here is where your power lies.

Be honest and accepting with yourself, others, and your journey. Be willing to confront anything you have kept hidden from yourself; regret, guilt, fear. This is the time to release yourself from those emotional burdens; bring them to the light for healing. If you have to have hard conversations with someone in order to move forward, do it. It may feel intimidating but you will feel so much better afterwards.

You’ll know you’re making the best decision when you feel a sense of complete peace at taking that step. If there’s any part of you that has doubt, put off the decision for another time–until you have all the facts you need. Working with others can benefit you greatly; you can help each other out of the clouds and into a better reality. This is a wonderful time to work together in a group on school or work projects, this way you can receive fresh ideas and inspiration. For those of you job searching, tie your efforts with others for better success. Better yet, reach out to your networks for suggestions and recommendations. Success is assured if you consider working together with your colleagues.

Have a blessed day all!

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