Daily Tarot Reading-12/6/2020

Good morning Blessed Manifestation family! The influence of the last Full Moon in Gemini is still affecting us; still shaping our futures. The energy is very much in the mind, but our thoughts are still not 100% clear or reliable.

We are heading towards clarity, but for now there may be residual back and forth when trying to make a decision. You may also be struggling with focus, but know that what is actually happening is a transformation of thought. Your thoughts are healing…”I think therefore I am”. You are much more aware than before, and are moving from one way of being to another. Your thoughts and intentions are phasing from what was to what could be.

Your emotions may be affected as well from the indecision. You might find your feelings oscillating from calm to anxious, back and forth. This is all part of the healing process and the separation from deceit and illusions. As I mentioned yesterday, you’ll know your mind is clear for making the best decisions once you feel a total sense of alignment and/or peace. When there is no confusion, you can move forward confidently. You are being guided towards the best strategies and outcomes for you.

As well, the current energies are very masculine in nature–sharp, precise, cold, and direct. Don’t be dismayed if others aren’t as warm or compassionate right now, and the same applies to you towards others. So just be aware that we are all experiencing deep, karmic shifts as we get closer to Capricorn season–the ruler of traditions, foundations, and structures.

The shifts and cycles of 2020 are not done with us yet, and though many of us may see these shifts as turbulent or chaotic, they are necessary. There is a reordering happening as new foundations are being set for us all, personally and globally. The way we think about ourselves is shifting too as we explore new identities. The “new” and modern may clash with the traditional, but all the planets know and understand that change is a must. And so too must we. As we get closer to the Full Moon at the end of this month, as well as another Eclipse, we will finally begin to understand 2020’s story and purpose, including the purpose of the changes which have occurred in your life. All will be revealed.

Have a blessed day all!

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