Daily Tarot Reading-12/7/2020

Good morning Blessed Manifestation family! An important decision is still before you and you’re at a standstill. You don’t have enough information to move forward, however, today is a great day to make a list of the information you have gathered already.

The first step to making this decision is to make it from the vantage point of the present. What do you know here and now? One of the reasons why you’re struggling with making this decision is because you are thinking about the what ifs. You’re trying to make a decision from the vantage point of a moment which hasn’t happened yet. Thinking about what is relevant and important to you now is what will help you make an informed choice.

As well, the past is still influencing you and this decision because you don’t want to make the same “mistakes” you may have taken previously. In essence, you’re afraid to fail again, and this fear is keeping you stalled. Yes look at your past for wisdom and insight into what to look for the next time around, but don’t undermine your present and future because you’re afraid of repeating the failure. Life isn’t all about planning and strategizing. Yes you will have moments where you stumble or take a wrong turn, but The Universe will always help you course correct. Don’t allow the influence of past failures to guide your choices today.

Duality will be important this month–many of the cards pulled for these readings have been in twos, as well the Gemini Moon we recently encountered is still influencing our energies. Consider incorporating a partner to help you make the best decision–this could be a mentor or professional, or a trusted loved one. Point is, think about asking someone else for help in making this decision. Another tip which could help you is to make a balanced choice–the one that is fair, or ‘middle of the road’.

Most importantly, allow your emotions to lead you to your choice. Which decision feels right to you, even if it doesn’t make logical sense? This decision is about personal growth and fulfillment. If you feel like jumping in, go for it! Use the fullness of your emotions to lead the way.

Have a blessed day all!

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