Daily Tarot Reading-12/10/2020

Good morning Blessed Manifestation family! The Cow is revered in many cultures for its ability to nourish and provide. In this case you can think of The Universe as a Cow, giving all it has–providing and nourishing us all.

The Cow is aligned with the flow of Abundance in the Universe. It eats the nourishment provided by the Earth, and in turn its body serves to feed others. Now I can go on and on about how cruelly these majestic creatures are treated, especially here in the United States, but instead I’ll sum up my thoughts in a few words–you are what you eat. You are what you consume, whether its food, experiences, beliefs… Taking nourishment from an abused creature will only pass on its suffering to you, hence why many of us here in the states deal with a plethora of health conditions. As well, surrounding yourself and consuming thoughts, energy, and vibrations from others who don’t have the best intentions for you, will also cause you harm.

You must engage in give and take, in all forms. Yes this means with your relationships too. Be open and give of yourself when you can, but be sure others are also feeding you. Some of you are in relationships where you are the main giver, and your resources are depleted. This imbalance is affecting your life as a whole. The time has come to choose you–respect yourself and speak up about your needs. If this person is unable or unwilling to give, do not be afraid to let them go.

Being in the flow of Abundance isn’t just about receiving, you have to give back too. The Cow’s manure serves to nourish the soil, which in turn feeds its food source–a complete circle of life. Today’s messenger is helping to usher in positive changes for us all, and yes even blessed changes can feel scary or intense. You have the responsibility and authority to make positive changes in your life. Choose whether you want to give in to fear, or listen to love.

Always bless your food and experiences, before you consume them. Thank them for their nourishment–be grateful for what you have. Be charitable to contribute to the circle of life. This is what will keep you in alignment with your highest good.

Have a blessed day all!

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