Daily Tarot Reading-12/12/2020

Good morning Blessed Manifestation family! I have been mentioning in the past few weeks about the energetic changes we’ve been experiencing, which are preparing us all to receive the new year. Everything that is no longer of value in our lives will be moving away from us–I know for many of you this is a tough pill to swallow, but going with the flow is your best bet.

Many of you are still holding on to things, people, circumstances which have no more to give to you, as well, you have nothing left to give to. But instead of moving on you want things to be different. You are engaging in manipulative and aggressive actions to get your way, but you can’t ever force things to happen, at least not without cost.

For many of you I see these shifts in the forms of break-ups. You and your partner may have already separated or are getting there, but you are still holding on. Even if you think it’s done and over, there’s a part of you still yearning for that closeness. Watch yourself and become aware of your patterns. You may find yourself wanting to engage in behaviors that lower your self-worth and value, or even your morals. Don’t compromise your authenticity or your happiness. Let go in order to make room for something even better. Make space!

Trust that the Universe is on your side and you are being supported. Allow your emotions to flow, and also allow yourself to be guided towards a more fulfilling experience, in life and love. For those who are single, stop obsessing on when you’ll get a lover–that will happen in Divine timing. Trust the process! You will not be left alone. But if you try to force it or jump in without the green light, you may end up crashing. Remember that you reap what you sow–put love out into the world–love your day and bless your experiences. Bless the love currently in your life, and it will return ten-fold.

Have a blessed day all!

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