Daily Tarot Reading-12/13/2020

Good morning Blessed Manifestation family! Let “tomorrow” be tomorrow’s problem; be present right now. Be here in this moment. Today the Goddess Skuld wants you to take a step back from focusing on “what could be”.

Your power is here, in today. Bless your life. Bless this moment and opportunity. Bless your blessings. None of us know what the future holds; we can speculate and deduce but we don’t know which way the winds of destiny will blow. This is a highly stressful and charged time for us all as we deal with a pandemic, and in many cases, financial uncertainty. But what value does peering into an uncertain future have here today? All that does is align you to receive the catastrophes you are trying to avoid. By focusing on the present you ground yourself in what is. You ground yourself in the truth of today.

The advice for today is to focus on your home life. Your home is a reflection of your energy–is your home cluttered with things you no longer use or need? Are there piles of chores you’ve been avoiding? Get yourself back on track by decluttering and making space. Clean house! Clean the physical in your home, and then clean the spiritual–clean the energy. This is important as you continue to welcome the blessed energies of the upcoming gateways. Allow yourself and your home to be open to receive.

With so much going on outside of ourselves, taking care of our home spaces can help us feel safe and comfortable. As well, taking care of our bodies–our soul’s home–can also make space for much needed healing. Being present with yourself and your life will help you find the strength needed to adapt to our changing world. You’ll notice a wonderful shift and a lightening of moods for all who live in your home, once you take the time to cleanse and clear. Enjoy these moments of family, love, and gratitude for life, and take full advantage of those pockets of joy when they happen.

Have a blessed day all!

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