Daily Tarot Reading-12/16/2020

Good morning Blessed Manifestation family! Today Ascended Master Buddha reassures us that we are safe. Despite whatever is happening outside of ourselves, we are safe.

It is very easy to give in to the noise and chaos outside of ourselves–to listen to the fear and panic and let it overwhelm us, but try grounding yourself in Faith today. Make a conscious choice to choose love over fear. You do this by loving yourself, despite the fear you feel. Despite the panic and anxiety you feel, you keep moving forward. You love yourself every step of the way. You love yourself by speaking to yourself as if God were speaking to you. You love yourself by treating yourself with the respect and dignity you deserve, as a child of the Divine. You can find peace within and allow it to strengthen you despite whatever is going on around you.

Consider integrating a practice of meditation into your daily routine, even if just a few minutes per day. This will help slow down your mind and body, and help you connect with your higher self–the self that is confident and knows what to do. Instead of reacting to circumstances from your body, observe from the Holiness inside yourself. When you find yourself reacting to a situation, stop and take a deep breath. Then take a few more deep breaths and allow your heartbeat to slow down. Use your mind to analyze your feelings, and go through what you think is happening. Then you will be connected to that voice within yourself which will tell you what is actually happening. Learn from that voice. Listen to that voice for guidance as you navigate these unchartered waters.

You are protected, even with the rapid changes going on. Remember that everything is working in your favor. Everything. Give thanks for your blessings; every moment is an opportunity to learn, and grow. The Universe is with you, every step of the way.

Have a blessed day all!

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