Daily Tarot Reading-12/17/2020

Good morning Blessed Manifestation family! Today’s card reminds me of my youth–rushing into interesting circumstances without thinking things through, or standing up for something (or someone) without knowing the full story. Blind bravery is what I call that. While it may sound like something you’ll want to avoid as an adult, it’s almost necessary to incorporate that impetuous energy at this point in time.

Oftentimes as adults we’re expected to be strategic and organized, and think things through. The problem is that most of us stay in “thinker” mode, and forget how to act. We lose our nerve. And while yes being strategic has many advantages, you want to add a bit of this blind bravery to the mix, for the perfect potion. We’re all on a new adventure, and there are many unknowns ahead. Rather than walk forward in fear, have courage. Know that you have the tools, resources, and tenacity to get started–the rest of the tools you’ll need will show up along the way.

Notice how the young person on today’s card is defending themselves with a short sword–mentally he’s immature; he doesn’t have the wit to outsmart anyone. In this case, your mind won’t be your biggest ally when moving forward. Though his sword may be short, his heart is big and wide open. He has the passion and courage to proceed. Your heart will be your biggest ally at this time. If you’re going to rush into anything, rush into Love. You can’t go wrong with an open mind and heart. You’ll know when you’re making the best decision for you when your heart feels drawn to a particular path, even though your mind may not have worked out all of the details. Don’t let the details stop you from moving forward.

Have a blessed day all!

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