Daily Tarot Reading-12/18/2020

Good morning Blessed Manifestation family! For the remainder of this month (and year) focus on self-care. As we enter into the winter months it’s important to begin adopting the practice of hibernation–doing less and resting more.

Our bodies and overall self heals faster when we are at rest. Rest gives us the necessary pause our bodies, minds, and hearts need to reboot, and restore. Even if you feel energized and vibrant, that doesn’t mean go full steam ahead; slow and steady is called for at this time. By taking your time with decisions and actions you avoid stumbling over pitfalls you would have otherwise missed; you avoid mistakes which don’t need repeating.

Resting also allows you to get out of your own way. You have a strong and powerful spiritual family on your side, helping you towards victory. The best way to help them is to get out of their way. You don’t need to have everything figured out right now–the answers and solutions will come once you set yourself in “silent” mode. Self-care will be especially useful to overcome mental or creative blocks–the knots will unravel on their own. Problems will be solved on their own, just take a breath and take it easy.

Many of us will be taking much needed breaks during the holidays. Again, don’t do too much; this is the time to just chill. Binge on your favorite shows, or play your favorite games. Better yet, get lots of sleep and naps in the mix. This is the best time to unwind, and honestly when you are most relaxed is when the best ideas and solutions will come to you–write them down to act on them at a later time.

And if you have no time off coming up, make time for self-care–this is crucial! Cut out anything in your schedule which isn’t absolutely necessary, and do whatever you can to get to a place of peace. Request time off if you are able to do so. You must make time for yourself, for physical and mental health breaks, otherwise you may crash and burn sooner than you think!

Trust that you are being led to receive everything you’ve ever asked for. You are not working on this alone.

Have a blessed day all!

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