Daily Tarot Reading-12/19/2020

Good morning Blessed Manifestation family! This message is especially poignant for me, as my family experienced the loss of a loved one yesterday. We may have lost her body but we gained an angel. This is a time to be soothed and comforted.

I mentioned in yesterday’s reading to focus on self-care, and the message continues today as well. As we shift to a new cycle, personally and globally, we need to allow our bodies, minds, hearts, and souls to rest. Rest is essential to receive the healing waves and Divine downloads. The Angels want to comfort and console you; even if you have not experienced personal loss this year, we have all experienced loss in one form or another. The loss of what was “normal”–the loss of meeting up and gathering together, the loss of what we took for granted, like eating at a restaurant. We all felt like we lost something, even though in actuality we are gaining something newer and better, just in different form.

The process of healing also involves forgiveness; forgiveness of yourself and others. We are at the point of letting things go, to make space for the newer and better. It’s time to leave those old wounds here–let bygones be bygones. During this process of healing you may experience past memories of moments where you think you failed or made a mistake, or moments where others hurt you. This is good because this means those moments of pain and suffering are leaving your psyche. Bless those memories when they come up and acknowledge that you are ready to move on from them. Make a commitment today to try and let go of everything that no longer matters, so that you can clearly focus on what does matter most.

Have a blessed day all!

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