Daily Tarot Reading-12/21/2020

Good morning Blessed Manifestation family! Today is a very interesting and auspicious day for many reasons. Many of you may have heard of multiple phenomena set to occur today–the best way I can explain the energy for today is that there is a gateway opening. There is a kind of energetic unfolding, which has forced us to take a look at what truly matters. Whatever you have been wanting to let go of, the time has come to release.

The ride from now until the new year may be bumpy at times, and will feel differently for everyone. For many of you, past romantic partners will make their final appearances and appeals, in order to test your resolve. You may be receiving communication from them. On the other hand, you may be the one who is still hanging on, and will attempt to make contact. Cherish the good times you had with this person but there’s nothing left for you there. In fact, trying to force this past relationship to work will only cause you more strain and pain. Time to move on to someone who will fill your cup, as you will also fill theirs.

We are all being led towards emotional fulfillment–to better and stronger relationships, romantic partners, careers, etc. Whatever needs to change, will. Learn from the King of Cups as he looks to memories for insight and information, not for longing for what once was. He knows there’s no going back, so he blesses what was and will eventually turn his sights towards greener pastures.

The Universal energies may feel heavy and intense at times. You might experience confusion/fogginess, exhaustion–take it nice and easy. I’ve been preparing you for this in the past few readings, as I’ve mentioned that slow and steady will be the way to move at this time. Just picture yourself trying to move through mountains of snow–you can’t rush through, you have to go nice and slow while you find the best course of action. This is the time for rest and restoration. Right now you don’t have to “do anything” to receive the Divine downloads coming your way, just continue to be open and wiling to receive. Allow your body, heart, mind, soul, and entire existence to be healed.

Have a blessed day all!

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