Daily Tarot Reading-12/28/2020

Good morning Blessed Manifestation family! You have the power, tools, and wisdom to overcome anything. Yes you are always guided, and yes help will always be available to you, but know that you are more than capable of being the hero you’ve been waiting for.

Know that new foundations are settling for us all. You might have already started to feel the change within yourself, your community, and the world at large. While the changes haven’t stopped, you are more aware of them now, and more accepting of them. We may not understand the why, but maybe we will someday. Regardless, be present with whatever you are experiencing at this time.

The Willow on today’s card is firmly planted, but knows when to sway with the breeze–it is strong yet flexible. Learn from this Willow spirit today and be flexible with the flow of energies, yet be grounded in your authenticity. Be grounded in the Truth. You’re letting go of old stories and wounds–you’re releasing karmic debts and challenges; continue to allow everything to be healed. Because we are all experiencing healing from what is no longer of service to us, you may experience old memories and even people coming back into your life, because what we haven’t dealt with needs to come up for air. It needs to be at the surface for healing–let the light shine on your unresolved suffering and regret.

Take the time in this last chapter of 2020 to create new agreements with yourself and with Spirit (God, Universe, Source, etc). Old agreements have been broken, and now is the time to create new ones–ones that serve you and also serve God. For example, agree to honor yourself now and always–which means you will try your best not to be so hard or judgmental on yourself. Release the old way of being so you can unfold into a new version of your self. This is a time of great personal power.

Have a blessed day all!

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