Daily Tarot Reading-12/31/2020

Good morning Blessed Manifestation family! Today is the last day of 2020…many of us are sighing with relief that this year is coming to an end, but I want you to understand that the year (time) doesn’t determine the flow of life. Just because the year is ending doesn’t mean the cycle of change and growth is coming to an end. In fact, 2020 has been a training ground for what is to come.

Imagine if we had to relive 2020 all over again; knowing what you know now, what would you do differently? Imagine that this year has been the dress rehearsal, and in 24 hours we begin the actual play. The sooner you can accept that there’s no going back to “normal”, the smoother this transition will be for you. Feel the fullness of your emotions when you grieve what once was. Cherish the good times and learn from the not-so-good moments. Accept that change is the normal now, and trust that you are being led to even better victories and blessings.

I’ve been getting the sense that something big you are working towards receiving will manifest by the summertime. Make a wish, set the intentions, take the baby steps, and keep the vibes high as you focus on what you want, and are flexible about the form in which it takes. At times you may feel at odds with the universal energies because we are in the Winter season, which is more about reflection than action. So there may be moments when you are frustrated because of all the things you’ll want to do, but it may not be the moment to dive in. Use that extra energy towards something else in the meantime, such as working on your health; physical, spiritual, and emotional. The time will come for moving forward on your dreams.

Stay grounded in the present and accept things as they are, even though they may soon change. You’ll want to cultivate awareness so you can have an easier time of picking up the signs, messages, and epiphanies much quicker. Your metaphysical senses are being charged and strengthened, which means heightened intuition. Trust your gut. As well, you may also tap in to gifts from your past lives, which will be useful in the here and now.

Take every day as it is; just another temporary moment in time. Gather whatever knowledge, skills, and experiences you can. Continue to surrender and release what is no longer nourishing you, to make room for what you deserve and are worthy of. Dream big because everything is possible.

Have a blessed day all!

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